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"Do You Know Much About IVA's?"

Debt Management

Debt Management is an informal arrangement with your unsecured creditors; your debts are consolidated into one affordable monthly payment. Levels of payment are agreed and paid monthly on your behalf. We will only offer you a debt management programme if it the best way to solve your debt problem.

Debt Settlement

H&HC negotiates with your creditors to settle the debt for a lower amount than owed, if you can raise a lump sum to offer your creditors now, then let H&HC negotiate a full and final settlement payment of up to 50% of the original amount that you owe.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is combining all your debts into a single loan, be it secured or unsecured, with reduced payments, does not reduce the total amount of money owe. It simply allows you to pay off all your credit cards and other debts. You are then left with one loan-your debt consolidation loan. We will only offer you debt consolidation programme if it the best way to solve your debt problem.

What is an I.V.A.? (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (I.V.A.) is a legal process whereby you can gain protection from your unsecured creditors by a legally binding repayment agreement which would be supervised by a licensed insolvency practitioner who would be responsible for all negotiations with your creditors and making all monthly payments required under the terms of the arrangement usually spread over a period of 5 years, any balances remaining at the end of the period are written off.

Homeowners will normally be required to release any equity they hay have in their property by means or re-mortgage or a secured loan and paying this money to their creditors. Once an I.V.A. is agreed creditors will freeze interest charges on your unsecured debts.

Your supervisor in the I.V.A. is required to review your financial situation every year and may result in an increase in contributions into the I.V.A

If you have debts totalling more than £15,000 then an IVA may well be the solution for you

We are committed to providing confidential advice and information to all our clients in the strictest confidence. No information will be provided to third parties without your express approval and consent.

So, How Do You Apply For An IVA?

The actual IVA application process will ordinarily take between four and six weeks from today, providing you get the process underway immediately.

So by next month, you could have your situation in order and start counting down on your monthly payments to being free of all your debts in less than sixty months.

No more debt consolidation loans, no more credit card transfer fees or even late payment fees on your current outstanding debts. Wouldn't that be pure bliss?

The majority of the work involved is done for you and best of all, all fees for any work carried out are also taken out of the same pot that your creditors are paid from, so it effectively doesn't cost you a penny.

What Do You Need To Do Next?

To get the process up and running and clear your debts once and for all, simply email paul@]

Alternatively, enter your name, telephone number and a time to call in the empty boxes at the top right of this page, (below where it says Request Callback) and we'll call you to let you know the steps involved and how much you might expect to reduce your monthly payments by.

Remember, once your IVA has been approved, the creditors are forced to stop all interest payments on your debts and are unable to pursue you for the debts excluded from your IVA.

So, get all the information you're going to need right now by contacting us via the form above.

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“Over a period of five years I built up debts of over £47,000 without my wife knowing that I owed a single penny. - I didn't know where to turn!

A friend gave me the IVA Centre's phone number and I have to say Nigel dealt with my situation sensitively and in total confidence.

As a result I was able to walk away from 65% of my debts and now have a low monthly payment. Nigel even persuaded me to come clean with my wife and the release was incredible!"

John W., Chester - Age 54

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"I was down and depressed with my mounting debts, when I found the IVA Centre web site and spoke with Nigel who explained my options.

After only a few short weeks I had my finances back on track and have even managed to find a small surplus income that I've never had before."

Maria C., Lancaster - Age 26

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“I have just been through a bad divorce which has left me with credit card, store card and loan payments that I was unable to afford with only one wage coming in each month.

Thanks to the IVA Centre I was able to cut my debts in half and now have monthly expenditure that I can cope with reasonably comfortably which is a long way from where I was last year. - Thanks again for all your help!"

Dave H., Leicester - Age 32

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