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This web site is owned and maintained by The IVA Centre. The use of this web site is subject to the following terms and conditions of use which you should read carefully. By using this web site you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions of use. If you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, please do not use this web site.

Use of this website
This web site is designed to be accessed through its principal home pages and such other pages as we decide. If you access the site through individual pages directly, which are not designed for this purpose, you may not see important information which is relevant to a full understanding of our products and services. You will be referred on certain site pages to read 'Important Information'. This Important Information will contain important product details and relevant legal or regulatory information and should be read in conjunction with the site pages.

Exclusion of liability
The information and documentation available on this website has been prepared in order to provide information of a general nature only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the content is accurate and correct, it is not necessarily a comprehensive statement of the law, or of the issues raised and should not be relied upon as such.

Consequently, The IVA Centre, its owners, agents and employees accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the website or any websites to which this one may be linked. In no event will The IVA Centre, its owners, agents or employees be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance on the information on this web site.

The IVA Centre accepts no liability for any losses or damages (whether direct, indirect, special, consequential or otherwise) arising out of errors or omissions contained in this web site..

Further, no warranty is given that the web site shall be available on an uninterrupted basis, and no liability can be accepted in respect of losses or damages arising out of such unavailability. Also, we accept no liability in respect of losses or damages arising out of changes made to the content of this web site by unauthorised third parties.

Access to and use of this web site is at the user's own risk and we do not warrant that the use of this web site or any material downloaded from it will not cause damage to any property, including but not limited to loss of data or computer virus infection.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or limit or restrict our duties and liabilities to you under the Financial Services Act 1986, or any conduct of business rules which we are bound to comply with. Further, nothing in these terms and conditions shall attempt to exclude liability for death or personal injury, or for fraudulent misrepresentation.

This web site contains links to other web sites which are hosted and maintained by third parties. We have no control over the content or security of any such site. You link to such web sites at your own risk, and we make no representations regarding the content of any such web site. We cannot be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of such third party web sites.

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The provisions of a link to a third party website should not be construed as an endorsement by The IVA Centre of the content on that site or of the services available from or via the third party.

Personal data
Personal information sent via this website or via email may be kept and used both within The IVA Centre and its related group, and for the purposes of further communication.

To assist your navigation of this web site and our prevention of fraud we may send 'cookies' from this web site to your computer. We do not obtain personal data from your computer or gather personal information about you unless you personally give information to our server. Furthermore computer viruses are not passed through the use of 'cookies'. You may choose to disallow 'cookies' via your browser but this web site may not work properly as a result.


The IVA Centre All rights, save as expressly granted, are reserved. Reproduction in any form of any part of the content of this web site without prior written consent is prohibited unless for personal use only.

Governing law
The terms and conditions of use of this web site are governed by the laws of England & Wales and any dispute regarding this web site shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Changes to the website
The contents of this web site, including these terms and conditions of use, are subject to change by us without notification.

What Do You Need To Do Next?

To get the process up and running and clear your debts once and for all, simply email paul@]

Alternatively, enter your name, telephone number and a time to call in the empty boxes at the top right of this page, (below where it says Request Callback) and we'll call you to let you know the steps involved and how much you might expect to reduce your monthly payments by.

Remember, once your IVA has been approved, the creditors are forced to stop all interest payments on your debts and are unable to pursue you for the debts excluded from your IVA.

So, get all the information you're going to need right now by contacting us via the form above.

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“Over a period of five years I built up debts of over £47,000 without my wife knowing that I owed a single penny. - I didn't know where to turn!

A friend gave me the IVA Centre's phone number and I have to say Nigel dealt with my situation sensitively and in total confidence.

As a result I was able to walk away from 65% of my debts and now have a low monthly payment. Nigel even persuaded me to come clean with my wife and the release was incredible!"

John W., Chester - Age 54

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"I was down and depressed with my mounting debts, when I found the IVA Centre web site and spoke with Nigel who explained my options.

After only a few short weeks I had my finances back on track and have even managed to find a small surplus income that I've never had before."

Maria C., Lancaster - Age 26

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“I have just been through a bad divorce which has left me with credit card, store card and loan payments that I was unable to afford with only one wage coming in each month.

Thanks to the IVA Centre I was able to cut my debts in half and now have monthly expenditure that I can cope with reasonably comfortably which is a long way from where I was last year. - Thanks again for all your help!"

Dave H., Leicester - Age 32

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